KereKere Coffee Carts



The University of Melbourne, North-West Corner, John Medley Building


2007 - 2010


Nest Architects
Work Art Life


KereKere started out as a coffee cart on the corner of the John Medley building at The University of Melbourne in 2007. We were given a 6-month trial at the University to test our idea and we got started. It was a utopian model of doing business in that we redistributed one hundred percent of our profits to designated Causes (Charities, Environment or the Owner) and provided employment opportunities for disadvantaged youth. Our goal was to make philanthropy more accessible to everyone by incorporating it into our daily lives. 

By 2008, we were given a formal lease at the University so we enlisted the help of Nest Architects and Work Art Life to help with the KereKere identity formation. Nest Architects helped design seating, weather protection and a Cause box and Dave Murray built it. Andrew Ashton from Work Art Life designed our logo and provided a range of do-it-yourself design tools to assist us with our menus, posters and street art. And people loved it.