About Us

Oswald + Co is a community development company that helps people invest in growing community capital. 

Our philosophy is simple - we believe by investing to grow community capital we generate community wellbeing dividends in which we can all share. 

The focus of our work is not on achieving pre-determined outcomes but rather assisting people celebrate communities - an approach to grow community capital by leading with generosity, generating positive reciprocity and connecting with communities on a human scale.

We embrace the process of 'community animation' to bring projects to life and work together with people to effect change in themselves and their communities.  We experiment, troubleshoot and pilot in the space between business and community and celebrate the process, thinking and dialogue.

To connect often is to change often and we practice our approach in our own business - KereKere and operate our own investment portfolio - Oswald Community Capital Index to demonstrate that investing in community capital creates an asset that pays.

O+ was founded by James Oswald Murphy. James is an entrepreneurial social worker that helps people connect with their community.  O+ was inspired by James’ grandparents, Oswald Clarence Murphy and Harold Oswald Schnelle who founded and operated businesses in rural Australia. Throughout their lives they sought to exemplify their belief in working hard, maintaining fair values and being passionate about helping people and their community.

You can email James at james@oswaldandco.com