Oswald Community Capital Index

At Oswald + Co our philosophy is simple - we believe investing in growing community capital is a fundamental part of doing business. 

The Community Capital Index is an investment portfolio consisting of companies with above average performance on indicators with respect to their relationships with communities, it’s employees and customers. 

Community Capital refers to the value of these community relationships and their impact on a companies social licence to operate and ultimately its long-term stability, profitability and sustainability.

The index consists of 25 companies in the ASX200 and NZ50 that rank above average in their behaviour regarding customers, supply-chain issues and community involvement.  The investment performance of the Oswald Community Capital Index is listed below. 


The Performance of the Oswald Community Capital Index Against The ASX 200 Index 29 Dec 2006 - 29 Dec 2017

2018 Copyright. All Rights Reserved. Oswald + Co. The constituents of the Oswald + Co Community Capital Index and the S&PASX 200 Index are based on a value of 100 at 29 Dec 2006. There are 25 company constituents in the Oswald + Co Community Capital Index, selected independently by CAER Research. Data Source: Comsec.