Community Capital Workshop


Our community capital workshop is about helping people discover and explore ways to grow community capital.

We believe by investing in placemaking to grow community capital we generate community wellbeing dividends in which we can all share. We also believe that when people are given a platform to build trust and strengthening relationships they create emotional ties that hold a community together.

The workshop explores 'what is community capital' and how to take time, make effort and sacrifice to create a ‘vibe’ or sense of place in which people feel like they got more than they expected. We discover how to make this happen by embracing a placemaking process to understand, involve and connect with communities on a human scale.

We believe growing community capital helps promote joy and bring people together and this workshop helps order our attention (energies) and effort.

An outcome of the workshop is the development of your own community capital playbook - a set of rules and customs centre around your shared values (people like us do things like this). 
If your keen to explore the questions below this workshop is for you!

How do you give back to the community? 
Can you let the community lead you?
What is your offer? How much do you charge?
Is pricing a gift?
Do you give time and energy?
Can you sacrifice something you can never get back?
How do you care?
Are your actions empowering?
Is caring behaviour consistent?
How do you welcome people and make them feel like they belong?What does the space feel like?
How do you create a feeling on your team that attracts people to you?How intimate is your connection?
Does it increase the space between you?
At what scale do you know everyone’s name?
At what scale do you celebrate everyone’s birthday?
Did you go out of your way to fix mistakes?


How do you grow community capital?